Lincoln, NE Concrete Leveling

Concrete Doctor, Inc.

Do you have large slabs of concrete that have sunk down, creating large cracks and large, dangerous heaves of concrete jutting up that you can trip over? There is no need to replace the concrete. That can take a very long time and cost thousands of dollars.

Save time and money with mudjacking.
If you tear out the existing concrete to replace it with new concrete, not only do you get a big mess, but you may not be able to walk or drive on your concrete for days. With our process, you are able to walk and drive on the concrete the very same day, and it costs about half the price of replacing the concrete.

Small holes for less visible repairs.
In order to level out your concrete, small holes are drilled through the concrete and a grout-based material is pumped in. We use the smallest holes in the industry, so that your repairs are as invisible as possible. You very quickly get great looking concrete again.

Get smooth concrete in less time for a lower cost:

Get great looking concrete in less than a day. Call Concrete Doctor, Inc. today at 402-314-8609 to schedule your FREE estimate.

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